How to enable social share in Umbraco


Find out how to enable the social sharing option on your Umbraco website.

There are many ways to add social share buttons to your Umbraco site. The easiest way to do this is through specialized widgets designed to do this in just a couple of clicks. The principle of implementing these widgets on the site is the same for everyone. Widgets differ only in their appearance. We have selected the 3 most popular widgets for social sharing and now we will describe how to add them on a website.


Enter the built-in button editor and select the number and type of buttons that we need on the site.

On the left, you can see how these buttons will look like on the site. Next, click on the code icon next to the Preview button.


Now we have access to the widget code that we can install on our website. 

To install it on the site, you need to go to the Umbraco admin panel, go to the Global->Settings->Scripts section, and copy the code to the part of the site where you want the buttons to appear.

Alternatively, you can place buttons on individual pages using the Code component.



  • It’s very easy to install buttons on the site


  • few options for visual customization of buttons

  • paid


Selecting the type of buttons to display.

We choose which buttons we need for the site and get ready-made code for implementation on the site.



We also get code that will help us place our buttons in a specific place on the site.



After this, we follow the same procedure that was described in the previous method of adding a widget to the Umbraco website.


  • easy to install;

  • free.



Go to the button editor and select the design and location that we need.


After that, we select which buttons we need for the site.



Before you receive the code for publishing buttons on the site, you can more deeply customize the appearance, location, and style of the buttons.



Click on the Publish button and receive the widget code for publishing it on your website through the Umbraco admin panel.



  • large selection of button settings;

  • easy to set up and implement on the site.


  • paid.

Wrap up

Adding social buttons to your website is straightforward, as demonstrated by the methods outlined above. Elfsight buttons offer the most customization options, but they're paid, which might deter some users. For a free option, Sharethis buttons are recommended, though they offer less customization.