Design builder

Create, customize, and perfect your website with your unique branding using our intuitive, built-in customizability tools. Tailor every aspect of your site — from logo to colors and fonts to layout and functionality—to reflect your brand identity seamlessly. 

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Themes flexibility


Customize pre-designed themes or create designs from scratch to suit unique business needs and aesthetics.

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User-friendly interface


Intuitive controls and added previews make it easy to design and modify website elements.

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What you see is what you get

Every customization you make reflects exactly how your website will look to visitors.

Unlocking Your Website's Potential

Essential features of the design-builder

Discover the main capabilities that empower seamless customization and creativity with our Design Builder

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Interactive previews

With intuitive visual controls and real-time previews, you can effortlessly design and modify colors, fonts, and effects. This seamless process empowers you to create a stunning website with precision and confidence, knowing that your design vision translates flawlessly into the online experience for your audience.

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Color designer

Customize the templates with your brand colors, and create new themes with a variety of color combinations assigned to different components and blocks.


Fonts designer

Utilize the Google Font integration to discover the optimal font set from a selection of over a thousand options, allowing you to effectively showcase your brand.

Create your website

Get started with ByteEditor Site Builder today and experience effortless design, powerful features, and professional results.

Head And Foot

Header and Footer

Transform your website's first and last impression with our Header and Footer options in the Design builder. Select from a variety of responsive designs that ensure seamless functionality across all screen sizes.


Effects designer

Elevate your designs with advanced visual effects such as corner rounding and shadows, effortlessly adjustable using the visual editor. Instantly preview changes to tailor our UI system precisely to your needs, ensuring a seamless customization experience.

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Explore more features

Dive deeper into our expansive suite of features, unlocking new capabilities that empower you to achieve more.


Content editor

Simplify your website creation with our intuitive drag-and-drop editor



Elevate your online presence effortlessly with our integrated SEO Tools.



Seamlessly create and manage engaging blog posts that captivate your audience.



Contact with your potential customers and partners with a simple inbuild forms.



Get a variety of integrations with inbuild ByteEditor functionality.