SaaS Starter Kit for Umbraco


A New Starter Kit for Umbraco was released that helps to create SaaS websites with beautifully designed and ready-made pages.

Start with 90% done

We proudly announce the release of the SaaS website starter kit that is an integral part of ByteEditor website builder.

The starter kit includes pre-designed pages that showcase your product online, eliminating the need to build them from scratch. Each page is professionally crafted to ensure a polished and impressive appearance, enhancing your online presence effortlessly.

Pages Design And Structure

Design Customization

All pages are fully customizable to suit your design preferences. The starter kit features a user-friendly UI/UX design that allows extensive customization options. You can adjust the color palette of website elements, choose fonts that match your brand identity, customize header and footer styles, apply shadows and rounding effects, and set backgrounds according to your needs. This flexibility ensures that your website reflects your unique vision and enhances user engagement through tailored visual appeal and functionality.

Byteeditor Backoffice. Designs Management

SEO friendly

The starter kit enables you to optimize and customize your pages for better search engine performance. You can modify meta tags, ensuring each page has relevant and unique descriptions and keywords. Setting up canonical links helps prevent duplicate content issues and consolidates your page rankings.

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Additionally, the kit allows you to optimize images by adjusting file sizes, adding alt text, and using the appropriate formats, which enhances loading speeds and improves user experience. These features work together to ensure your site ranks higher than competitors, driving more traffic and visibility to your platform.

Built-in Blog

Utilize the built-in blog to share product updates or publish expert articles, providing valuable content to your audience. With customizable blog layouts, you can tailor the appearance to match your brand's style. Create and organize categories to ensure your content is easily navigable. 

Additionally, gather email subscribers directly through your blog to build a dedicated readership. By posting SEO-optimized articles, you can increase your website's visibility, attract more users, and establish your site as an authoritative resource in your industry.

You can try out the starter kit with an interactive demo.