About us

ByteEditor is developed by ByteAnt company that has a strong experience in software development since 2006. Also, it provides a wide range of services, including web applications, CMS and marketplace development

ByteEditor Site Builder Team

What is a ByteEditor

ByteEditor is a website builder for Umbraco which was created with
a philosophy to simplify the process of website making and make it available
for people without a coding experience or knowledge

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Core principles of ByteEditor

  • Easy-to-learn and easy-to-master
  • Anyone can influence the development of new 
  • No borders to website customization
  • Full support from an experienced development team

Why it was created

Website development in Umbraco and overall is challenging, time-consuming, and requires substantial budgets. We decided to change that. 

What problems it solves

Greatly simplifies the process of website development in Umbraco. Anyone with a small budget and without coding experience can now create web pages easily

Why we

We have many years of experience in website development for Umbraco. We know all of the challenges that clients could encounter. So we created a solution

Team behind ByteEditor

  • A team of 30+ experienced specialists
  • constant contributors to the Umbraco ecosystem
  • 120+ delivered projects
  • established in 2006
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Let`s discuss your website needs!

Have plans to build a stunning website using Umbraco but not sure where to start? Have a limited budget? 
Don’t want to hire a development team but craft your dream website by yourself?
We have a solution for you! Drop us a message and let`s dive deep into your next big project.