New Release: SEO optimisation and blogging features


ByteEditor received a new release that brought SEO features to optimize website pages and a blogging feature that allows to create blog posts

Optimise like a pro

ByteEditor introduces new features aimed at optimizing your website's pages, ensuring not only search engine appeal but also increased discoverability among potential clients and relevant audiences.

With these enhancements, you can now:

  • Incorporate title and description meta tags for all pages of your site.
  • Provide alt text for images, enhancing discoverability through relevant image searches.
  • Automatically generate a sitemap, facilitating efficient navigation for search engine crawlers.
  • Automatically generate a robots.txt file, allowing fine-tuning of indexing rules for site pages.
ByteEditor seo possibilities

Turn your website into a Blog

The importance of creating blog posts has become indispensable for numerous companies aiming to keep their audience updated on company news and product developments.

To empower our users in publishing news on their websites, we have introduced a blogging module that enables you to:

  • Create posts of diverse complexity enriched with images, videos, quotes, links, and various other elements.
  • Invite additional users to contribute posts.
  • Flexibly configure editing access rules for each user.
  • Implement SEO optimization for every post.

Check out our detailed tutorial on how to start to use a blog. 

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