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Feature is available in version 1.1.0 and newer

About ByteEditor Blog

With ByteEditor Site Builder, you can create a fully functional blog on your website with just a few clicks. It's easy to manage the blog page with automatic listings built into the system. This means that every post you create will be instantly displayed on your website once you publish it. You can choose from various design kits for your blog and post pages, and don't worry about responsiveness – all designs have built-in tablet and mobile views. You can easily create and publish single posts, set up parameters for SEO, and manage your publications with ease.

BLOG Designs

Blog Designs

The ByteEditor Blog comes with four pre-designed kits that are ready to use. Each kit includes views for both blog and post pages. All of these designs are responsive and can be used on any device, from laptops to mobile screens. These design elements provide the ability to highlight your most important posts on the blog page, share your best articles in a separate section, and display all of them in either a list or grid view.


Moreover, the Blog functionality includes a built-in filter that allows you to categorize your posts and simplify your users' workflow. You can conveniently manage the content within your blog and combine all your posts within specific categories.

Blog Content Management

You can easily control the appearance of your blog pages with our simple settings. You can choose the number of posts to display per page, select a default cover for your posts, and highlight certain articles as "best" or "recommended" for your readers.

BLOG Settings

Engage More Readers with SEO Tools

Improve your website's visibility on search engines by utilizing the built-in SEO tools for your blog and every individual post. You can replace basic page titles with titles that are more appealing to search engines and add meta descriptions to help search engine crawlers identify your content.

Keep in mind that a blog is a crucial tool for driving organic traffic to your website.

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Ready to Use Article Templates

Byte Editor Site Builder has five templates for a single post that can be edited and changed to meet your needs and expectations regarding the content and general view. 

The list can be found in the Post folder right below the Blog page in the menu on the left side. 

Post Lists
Create New Post

Create New Post

To create a new post, go to the Posts page and click on the button located below the Blog folder in the menu. Name your post, choose a category to enable filtering, add the post date, cover image and a short description to manage how your post appears on the Blog page.

Once you're ready to add content, click on the [Add Layout] button to begin working with the text and graphics of your article.